Transforming relationships through the yoga of presence

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We offer a unique Couple-to-Couple relationship coaching that will transform your relatoinship from mediocre to awesome, where growth, depth, connection, authenticity and passion sit at the heart of your union. So whether you're hitting a bumpy road or longing to go deeper we can help.

Offering an unprecedented high-level of support and contact we'll create a bespoke coaching package to suit your needs.

And we really mean this - whatever it takes - we'll hold your hands through the bumpy terrain of relating and work together so you can flourish and grow, both personally and as a couple, discovering the depth, passion, joy and happiness you deserve. 

We know from experience how challenging intimate relationships can be, but we also know that with the right help and support transformation is entirely possible.

To this end, and for your benefit, we only work with a very small number of committed clients who are open to being coached, interested in exploring life, and able to gift themselves time, space, and financial investment to ensure their future happiness.  

To discover if our programme is right for you and to ensure you're the kind of people we can work with we offer a free one-hour Skype call.


Your bespoke step-by-step program will include:

- 10 Couple-Couple sessions that work to explore what's actually going on in your relationship. 

- 5 One-One sessions each to explore personal issues and past traumas that may be getting in the way of relating. 

- A series of personal and couple related tasks and exercises.

Your programme may also include:

- Family sessions (if relevant) to see how the family dynamic is affecting your relationship.

- A home visit to see your relationship in action - to see how you work together in the kitchen etc.

- Group workshops and retreats with us.

- A retreat-holiday-mini-break with us so we can hold a magnifying glass to your relationship and you can benefit from close-up, 24-hour, support. 


Bringing a unique, alchemical blend of eastern wisdom, western body-centred modalities and neuroscience, we support you in exploring and integrating the difficulties in your relationship and in unlocking your potential - creating a new future for your wildly precious lives. So if you're hungry for discovering a fresh new way of being together, or if you're at a point where you're facing the pain of separation and you really need support, then you're in the right place and we're really glad you found us. 

We respect and welcome all sexual orientations and relationship configurations. We have no moral, religious or personal agendas for your relationship. We are here to support you in your own exploration.


"Asking for help was the best gift we ever gave to our relationship"

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What we offer...

We work with people who are tired of mediocre relationships and interested in exploring the riches and possibility conscious relating bring. Understanding the complexities, we welcome all and any configuration of relationship: from lovers; opposite-sex, same-sex, non-binary, A-sex, gender-fluid, monogamous and polyamorous etc to siblings, parent-child, friends and work colleagues. If what we offer below doesn't suit your needs, talk to us.

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Couples Sessions

Together, we'll explore how effectively you're relating, what words you're choosing, how well you're listening, and how truthful and loving you're being with one another.

Group Workshops

Being in a room with other couples committed to exploring being in relationship is inspiring. We learn so much from what we witness and feel in the field of relating.


About Kate

I love being married to Daniel. I love the warm feeling that being his wife brings and the depth of love and trust and timeless-years that flow between us. I love his stillness. I feel safe in his arms. I love our life and all we've created together. But more than that, I love his capacity to stay present in the face of all my feminine madness, my endless changeability that he often finds frustrating and confusing, my passionate and uncompromising commitment to the truth that he frequently finds hard. I love and deeply appreciate his total support and enthusiasm for all and any of my visions, creations and plans, how patiently and lovingly he stands in the fire of the grit and glorious imperfection and vulnerability being together brings, and still chooses me. And even when I want to chop his head off for serious offences like wearing an old-man-cardigan or having to pack the shopping or car in a particular way, I still choose him. 


What people are saying...


"It's very rare to find people who walk their talk as Kate & Daniel do. Their gift of supreme gentleness and loving  heart created the safest of spaces to confront ourselves and to heal our wounds that nearly broke us apart. We have been greatly blessed by their compassionate wisdom. Lucky us.”

"Working with another couple is always going to be unique, but working with Kate & Daniel is, well, what can I say but... pure alchemy. Thanks guys, you saved our lives."

"We deeply appreciate all that Kate and Daniel offer us.  By bringing their individual and complementary gifts to our sessions we both feel safe enough to bring the most vulnerable and intimate topics to the table.  They meet us with compassion, tenderness and their no messing about style keeps things simple and clear. Working with Kate and Daniel we've been able to cut through all the ’stuff' to the heart of our relationship and attend to the places between us we have struggled with for many years. " 

"My partner is male, and for me the fact that each of our genders is represented has ensured we both feel supported. The work is deeply healing. The wisdom and compassion Kate and Daniel bring to the sessions has meant we each feel really heard and held. They create an extraordinarily caring and safe space, and even when I know I am being unreasonable or pedantic, I feel loved and supported by the two of them and free to make the choices I want to make in that moment without a sense of right / wrong or negative judgements. Kate and Daniel have helped us reach inside ourselves and come back to what really matters instead of the petty dramas and issues that we had got caught up in."

"Kate & Daniel are self disclosing, compassionate and humble. They freely share their own stories and that somehow helps."


"Working with Kate and Daniel for couples sessions has and is a real gift, something I deeply value.  I’ve felt so well met by both of them it’s allowed me to uncover places in myself that I haven’t been able to easily bring into my relationship before. "

"It's not always easy for me to speak about the challenges and hurts in my relationship but the safe and held space that Kate and Daniel create enables me to open up and be heard and be guided toward healing and resolution"

"To be honest I didn't want to go. I thought it would be heavy going and I would just be subjected to more grief. But Kate and Daniel have a way about them and I was surprised as I actually enjoyed our session. We laughed a lot about the mess we've got ourselves stuck in. My wife heard me and I listened to her in a completely different way - not because I had to, but because I was interested. This has been a game changer. Thanks."

About Daniel


My relationship is not 'perfect' and I make no claims to be the ideal husband, partner or lover. But I have tasted the awesome joy that comes when my life force streams through my open heart  to become as one with another, dancing together in the everything-allness that is presence embodied. And that is the potential in our relating.

What I love about being with Kate is also what I find the most difficult, and that is her passionate commitment to living the truth in any moment. She feels more than I do, she is more interested in her emotions than I am in mine. At times I struggle to accept her profound insight and wisdom. And she accepts me completely, just as I am, warts and all. She has stopped trying to change me. She supports me in my endeavours and vision. There is an ease between us that feels peaceful.

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